Jacqui Khan
Jacqui Khan
Woodwind, Penny Whistle

Jacqui’s serious musical education began when she attended the music A Level course at Bournemouth and Poole College under Donald Riddell, studying flute and piccolo with Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra players, Laurie Beers and Joanne Boddington.

At 18, she attended the Welsh College of Music and Drama, and studied flute, clarinet and piccolo with a number of orchestral musicians from the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and Welsh National Opera Orchestra.  Here, she spent four years training to be a music teacher whilst also gaining experience in the college’s choir, wind band, chamber orchestra, repertoire orchestra and symphony orchestra.

After graduation, Jacqui started working for Hamphire Music Service where she continues to teach small groups and full classes on numerous instruments.  As well as teaching all the orchestral woodwind instruments, she has promoted the recorder as a serious instrumental choice in various primary schools, teaching large beginner groups, recorder ensembles, entering small groups and individuals for external exams, and also earning her own grade 8 in recorder.

You can see and hear Jacqui in action in the following clips of her performing:

Flute: La Lyre d’Orphee by Eric Marchelie

Recorder: La Traditore, La Morte de Ragione & Saltarello de la Ragione

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