Greg Pepper
Greg Pepper
Drums, Percussion

Greg Pepper teaches drum kit and Latin percussion at Coda; he is a very experienced teacher and performer with over 50 years of playing live in many bands. He teaches all ages and abilities and has a particular empathy for those with learning difficulties having spent a number of years as a foster carer. He is a gifted tutor and has written a series of books for the very young and those who may have some learning difficulties. These books are called Drumsense – A Beginners Guide For Little Drummers.

Students can also learn Latin Percussion such as Congas, Bongos and Bell Shakers etc and of course Latin rhythms such as Samba and Salsa etc. Drum kit is taught from a broad mix of resources including Drumsense, Drumtech, Trinity College and Rock School etc. Several of Greg’s students have gone on to degree courses in order to pursue a career in music.

Greg studied at Drumtech in London under many brilliant teachers including Justin Scott, Head of Drums at The London Music Institute, Tom Meadows (Kylie Minogue, Duffy etc) and learnt Latin Percussion from Bosco De Oliveira, Europe’s leading percussionist. Greg is also a Drumsense Master Tutor and has studied with Colin Woolway who is Head of Drums at London’s Drumsense.

He has also recorded several albums during this time; the latest in 2015 with Swaysland – Greenworld and with Captain Crash and The Magic Hats – Caramalised Biscuit; some of these can be heard in the Coda Café. Greg is currently writing for, recording and performing with The Magic Hats, Swaysland, Dog Ruff, Jon Cotton and Sol Latin and was, until recently, the drummer for 5 years with Zac & The Zeros. Greg is currently working on a solo album and other projects such as Positive Path Play Therapy.

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