Tod Lodge
Tod Lodge

After moving to the area from London with my parents in 1973 aged 15, (you can do the maths), I attended Bournemouth and Poole College of Art for three years studying technical graphics.

This lead to a career in technical publications within the aircraft industry. The friends and experiences I had at college are still with me today with many centered around music.

Coinciding with the move to the area was my need to start using a wheelchair for my mobility. This, combined with my age caused some problems for me, but I know that the friends I made and our love of playing, writing and performing in bands, albeit, poorly, my personal development and confidence grew.

This is why I am so convinced about the positive work Coda achieves, and when I was invited to join the board I knew that I could bring my experiences as a disabled person to the charity and ensure that the work and facilities we deliver are fully inclusive.

We still have some way to go to fully achieve this, but I am determined to add my experience to the charity.

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