Stephanie Liney
Stephanie Liney
Piano, Strings, Cello

Stephanie Liney graduated from Dartington College of Arts with a BA (Hons) in Music Performance. Whilst there she specialised in contemporary music for the recorder and also studied both harpsichord and cello, focusing on early music. She also experimented with the harp, but it wasn’t until graduating that she found that she had time to concentrate on this instrument. She is currently exploring the possibility of singing with the harp, having sung with the Highcliffe Junior Choir for ten years whilst at school.

Stephanie likes to explore a wide range of genres on the harp including the traditional harp repertoire from Wales, Scotland and Ireland; as well as early music and modern compositions for the harp. Her book and CD of compositions entitled “To the Mackerel” were influenced by the Dorset coastline and are sold to harpists worldwide and has been described as “the music of angels.”

Stephanie is currently collaborating with composers to create exciting new works for the recorder and is also working on another book and CD of compositions for harp. She regularly plays the harp at
weddings and other special events and teaches, harp, recorder piano and cello.

When she’s not playing music, Stephanie can often be found making elaborate costumes to wear on stage.


BA (Hons) in Music Performance

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