Staff Covid-19 Measures

In addition to the precautions taken by Coda Music Centre to ensure the safety of our staff and students, we require our teaching staff to take full responsibility for the following safety measures. This will require significant changes to your usual teaching routine.

  • Do not come to work if you (or anyone you live with) have Coronavirus symptoms: follow the current self-isolation procedures and inform Coda immediately.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly or sanitise your hands before entering the building and regularly throughout your time on site.
  • All students will be asked to wait outside the centre until it is time for their lesson. You will be required to collect your student from the car park. Please make yourself known to them (by waving for example) and then return young students to their parents in the car park after the lesson (following the one-way system if applicable).
  • The only exception to this will be for taster lessons, where we will be asking students to wait in the café to be collected. For taster lessons you will be required to collect your student from the café. 
  • Unless absolutely necessary, parents or carers should not be present in lessons.
  • Please instruct students to sanitise hands when entering the building.
  • Social distancing must be maintained in teaching rooms. Look at your teaching environment and seek the maximum distance possible between you and your students when teaching. Whilst positioning students, use side-to-side or back-to-back positioning (rather than face to face if possible). Avoid any physical contact with the student. Please employ clear screens (provided) for extra safety.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation is in place (using natural ventilation whenever possible). You are now permitted to open windows in your teaching rooms to ensure good ventilation in the teaching space but try also to respect our residential neighbours by keeping amplified sound to a minimum. Please remember to securely close all windows at the end of your session.
  • The Government advises use of face coverings, so masks or visors should be worn by both tutor and student where practical. Masks need to be changed regularly and, if not disposable, fully cleaned each week. Coda will provide branded cloth masks or visors for staff and will make disposable masks available also.
  • All instruments present a risk of contact transmission. It is your responsibility to ensure the highest cleanliness standards are maintained and to clean shared instruments meticulously between students. Good hand hygiene and wiping handling surfaces between students controls risks for most keyboard, percussion and string instruments. Proper cleaning of any shared instruments at the end of lessons is vital and sanitiser and wipes will be made available for the cleaning of keys/instruments in the teaching rooms (wipes to be disposed of in the bin).
  • It is also your responsibility to ensure ALL other equipment and surfaces are fully cleaned before and after sessions. Strict cleanliness regimes are necessary, so in addition to the cleaning of instruments please wipe other surfaces including door handles, amplifiers, cables, switches, plugs, music stands, iPads, and chair seats between students. Sanitiser and alcohol wipes will be made available in the teaching rooms (wipes to be disposed of in the bin).
  • Since the office will be closed to visitors (including staff)staff pigeonholes will now be located in the Photocopy room, along with the communications notebook. The office will also communicate any important changes to you via WhatsApp (personal or team), so please make sure to keep an eye on your phone for any messages and make sure you haven’t muted these communications. The iPads will also be stored in the Photocopy room – please collect and return them here. Please clean them before returning them. We will have one MacBook available for anyone preferring to use this for Zoom sessions. This will need to be booked in and out. Where possible, please consider using personal tablets or laptops.Taster sessions will be written up on the whiteboard in the Photocopy room. Please make sure you check this (as you would have the blackboard in the office) for any upcoming taster lessons.
  • Tutors will be allocated ONE room per day to minimise movement around the site. Please note that the room listed on the schedule on your iPad is NOT necessarily the room you will be teaching in. The correct room schedule will be displayed on the wall in the Photocopy room – please refer to this room schedule and not the one on your iPad.
  • The café is closed to students and we have removed all snacks and food. Drink-making facilities are still available for tutors but please clean the kettle after use (using sanitiser wipes provided) and cups and spoons must be cleaned meticulously after use or placed in the dishwasher. Under no circumstances must dirty cups be left in teaching rooms. Refreshment and rest areas chair numbers are limited to maintain 1m control at all times.
  • If you think a student may be showing symptoms of Coronavirus, stop the lesson and report your concerns immediately. Room 3 will be allocated as an isolation area where anyone showing symptoms or feeling unwell can wait until they are able to leave.


  • If you – or anyone in your household – are showing any of the symptoms of Covid-19, or have been advised by NHS Test & Trace to self-isolate, please DO NOT attend Coda Music Centre and please call us to let us know.
  • Don’t forget your mask! Disposable masks will be available if you forget.
  • Please bring your own drinking water, drinks or snacks if possible (to minimise using the Café facilities)

We take the health and safety of our students and staff very seriously.

As we prepare for a mixture of face-to-face and online provision, we need to understand the new health risks of music-making and how we can make music as safely as possible.

We are following government safety guidelines and its 5 practical steps for businesses and we have undertaken a full Covid-19 risk assessment for the music centre.

What safety measures have been put into place to mitigate the risk of Covid-19?

In line with government and industry guidelines, we are putting a number of safety measures in place including:

  • Social distancing of 1m to 2m should be followed in all areas of the site. Clear signage and social distancing messages have been installed on the walls of the music centre to encourage safe distancing. Students will wait outside the centre and only enter when collected for lessons by their tutor via the appropriate entrance.
  • Hand sanitiser is readily available at regular points throughout the centre – please use this on entering and exiting the building.
  • Masks and/or visors and disposable gloves are available to all staff, sneeze guards and cleaning materials have been placed in all relevant teaching rooms.
  • The music centre will receive a full, thorough clean at the start of each day, using steam cleaning equipment regularly and focusing on touch points (door handles, taps, etc.) as well as all other areas.
  • All doors will be clearly marked as entry points for teaching rooms (e.g. the Piano room will be accessed through the black door leading directly to it from the car park, the Acoustic room will be accessed through the black door leading directly to it from the car park, the entrance for Piggery Rooms 1 – 7 will be via the Piggery doors with a one-way system in place to exit via the café).
  • To control and limit access for people visiting, Coda reception is currently closed to visitors. A temporary office will be available in the Café from 3 – 5pm on Monday – Thursday.
  • The café and tuck shop are closed.