The Coda Sunshine Band

The Coda Sunshine Band : Helping Coda to bring music into the lives of older people in care

Coda’s award winning work with older people in residential care is entering a new phase of development. We now have a group of volunteers – our ‘Sunshine Band’ – to work with us and to perform in care homes across the local area.

As a way of helping to care for and support the elderly and those with dementia, music has been shown to have a dramatic effect with soothing, stimulating and bringing to mind long-forgotten memories. In individuals who can no longer talk, music can become an avenue for communication and engagement.

The power of music, especially singing, to unlock memories is an increasingly key feature of dementia care, reaching parts of the brain in ways that other forms of communication cannot.

Amateur musicians and singers from within and beyond the Coda community have come together to participate in the programme and perform under the Coda banner in local care homes.

This volunteer programme will compliment our work with professional workshop leaders and music therapists, but reflects the growing need for Coda to work with talented local people to bring music into the lives of older people in care at no cost.

Across the country people are working together to fill the gaps in statutory provision and Coda’s new volunteer programme seeks to bring more music into the lives of older people in need.

As well as being enormously beneficial to the elderly in care and those with various forms of dementia (and their carers), we believe this work will also be incredibly rewarding for the musicians involved in the programme.

We are still looking for a keyboard player to join our Sunshine Band.
If you are interested in joining the programme to perform as part of a group in local care homes, please contact us.

Contact Phil Hallett directly on

or give us a call on 01425 276161.

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At Coda Music Centre near Christchurch, on the Dorset/Hampshire border. We offer music tuition for all ages and abilities in piano, strings, woodwind, guitars, drums and vocals. Lessons can be one-to-one, in pairs or groups – depending on preference and budget. Classes are offered at a variety of times – just get in touch for current availability.

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