Online Lesson Safeguarding Policy



Coda reserves the right to suspend an online lesson if any of the provisions of our policy are not complied with.

Please attend your online lesson promptly. If possible, log in to the session a few minutes prior to the start of your lesson and wait in the waiting room to be admitted by the tutor to the session.

Students are expected to dress and behave appropriately (wear what you would if attending a physical lesson).

Please ensure your background is appropriate

If there is inappropriate attire or background, your tutor will terminate the lesson and provide a reason for doing so. The lesson can resume when the student is suitably attired or background made suitable.

For students under 16, lessons should take place on the parent/guardian  online account. Please ensure it is always the parent/guardian who is logging into the lesson.

Please use a quiet space for the lesson.

For students under 16 requiring supervision, parents/guardians are permitted to ‘drop-off’ and ‘collect’ students from lessons and room doors should be kept open for safeguarding.

Students should not share URL’s for meetings (especially on social media).

Do not accept or use a link unless you know the source.


The Coda Music Trust online teaching account will be used exclusively and only for the purpose of lessons and music activities.

Coda tutors will maintain professional boundaries and adhere to online etiquette (clothing, behaviour) at all times.

All Coda staff have undergone safeguarding training and adhere to the Coda Safeguarding Policy.