Meet the Coda Fiddle Orchestra




Joseph lives in Boscombe and goes to St James Primary School.

His mum says : “At Josephs school, they don’t provide violin lessons and this is the only chance he has to play violin”

Joseph has lessons with Jack Maguire and plays with the Coda Fiddle Orchestra. He says “I feel like I am learning a lot and I am enjoying them [the lessons]. I have learned to keep my bow straight and not bendy and I have learnt sight reading. Jack gives us confidence.”

What’s it like playing with other people? “It’s fun. It’s like in Pachabel’s Canon, it has three violin parts and when you just start playing – then people join in and start playing with you. It’s more enjoyable playing with other people.”

What’s your favourite thing about playing in the Coda Fiddle Orchestra? “I look forward to coming on a Saturday and I really enjoy it. I have met people who are not from my school and made friends.”

What would you like to do more of? Would you like to try different styles? Is there something you haven’t yet played which you would like to? “I would like to learn Romanian Rhapsody. I don’t really want to try another instrument, I am happy with the violin”

Joseph’s mum says of the Coda Fiddle Orchestra: “I think it’s very good to provide such a good opportunity for the kids, especially as a foreigner who didn’t grow up here, it’s amazing to provide free lessons, especially on a Saturday. It’s a real community. People communicate with each other and talk about their kids’ progress. I want Joseph to progress to take the Grade 2 exam. For me, I am quite keen for Joseph to take exams so I can see how well he is doing.   I want him to achieve something. Jack works so hard and is so patient. It’s fantastic that this is local and free.”

STAR CHONG, age 13


Star lives in Boscombe and attends Bishop of Winchester school.

He has lessons with Jack but hasn’t taken any exams this year.

What have you achieved this year with your violin learning? “Mostly Allegro in A Minor. My sight reading is improving.”

What is your favourite thing about the Fiddle Orchestra? “I like the joining together and playing together. Some people are shy but when you are playing together it makes you more brave and more together and because it creates more sound and makes other people enjoy it. It’s mostly about the people and the people playing and enjoying ourselves. We get lots of opportunities to play and we have a lot of fun together.”

What would you like to do more of? Play other instruments, try different styles, etc? “I quite like what we are playing, I wouldn’t do anything different. I do play piano. But I started the violin and I like it – for me it’s more from the heart. “

Have you made new friends through the Fiddle Orchestra? “Yes of course – I’m pretty much friends with everyone!”

Star is also the Coda Fiddle orchestra Stage Manager. He helps out with set-ups and ‘everything technical’ both for Saturdays and all the Fiddle Orchestra’s public performances.

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