Adult Intermediate Piano

Not currently running. If you would be interested in taking this course, please contact Coda.


2.30 – 3.30pm
£100 for a 10-week course
in The Piano Room, Coda Music Centre

The Intermediate course will be led by Vivienne Kirk. It will be a natural progression from the Improvers course and will continue to develop the skills and techniques needed to play piano music and gain a solid foundation in basic theory of music. The course will cover:

  • Setting personal goals and playing and enjoying a variety of individually chosen music agreed between tutor and learner.
  • Developing greater finger dexterity and technique by the use of exercises.
  • Improving the flow and confidence in reading notes within the treble and bass clefs.
  • Strengthening reading and application of rhythms.
  • Developing independence of the right and left hand.
  • Working as a group to improve knowledge and confidence in Theory Topics to support the above.
  • Learning to interpret chords in order to develop a more improvised approach to popular music.
  • Playing duets with other course members/tutor.
  • Learning to play with other musicians such as family members and friends through accompanying or reading chords.

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