Coda Vocal Collective

Not currently running in 2021 – if you would be interested in joining this ensemble in the future, please contact Coda. 

7.30 to 9.30pm
£7 per session (paid half termly) 

Coda Vocal Collective is a fresh, funky contemporary choir led by Micha Dluzewska at Coda Music Centre.

We are searching for new voices for this fantastic choir – repertoire includes a broad spectrum of songs from contemporary artists to classics to musical theatre.

We’ll help you identify what type of voice you have and each session will commence with a vocal warm-up, before we sing fun, challenging arrangements of current tunes and absolute classics.

The choir session will also investigate techniques to improve pitch, rhythm, and breath control and focus on achieving vocal blend amongst the group of singers.

Focus will be given to confidence building, performance and technique, but most importantly, this will be a FUN, relaxed experience for all participants.

We are looking for vibrant, enthusiastic singers for this fabulous fresh choir, so if you would like to join Coda Vocal Collective, please contact Coda for a free trial session.

No audition necessary (although we will be looking out for potential soloists!).

Please spread the word to friends and family who might be interested


“Thoroughly enjoying Monday nights and being challenged to sing something different.  Maybe the word choir is wrong for this group – gives a false impression of what it’s all about.  Fun, experimentation, therapy, overcoming inhibitions – its all of those things through using our voices.  It’s what Coda is has always stood for.”

I really enjoy it. I feel that it’s the right place for me to sing with a group and to have the potential to develop as an individual too!”

Coda Vocal Collective Materials

This page is password protected and contains all of the materials for use by the Coda Vocal Collective

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