Hampshire Art for Recreation and Therapy

For some time, Coda Music Trust and Hampshire Arts for Recreation and Therapy (hArt) have been working closely together, nurturing a partnership and sharing both premises and common aims.

The two charities have now joined forces, merging in order to reach more people and better support them by providing further opportunities to engage in, and benefit from, music and the arts at a time when it is most in need.

The merger between our two creative charities has facilitated a change of name to Coda Music and Arts Trust and an expansion of Coda’s objectives and activities beyond music to embrace a broader range of artistic and creative services.

It also allows the pooling of resources to enhance and expand the organisation with new skills and grow our team of experienced and excellent educators, workshop leaders and therapists.

Coda Music and Arts Trust will seek to address inequality in our community by providing universal access to the arts, music and creativity and continuing to devise and deliver innovative education and health programmes which positively impact the lives of local people.

With this organisational development comes a significant capital development project and Coda Music and Arts Trust is now working on a major venture to convert former barns at its home on Chewton Farm Road. The expansion will create a unique facility where Coda can build on its successful history of music learning and education by providing a broader range of creative arts therapy and health services.

The new development will include spaces and equipment for these creative and health services as well as new learning, workshop, rehearsal and exhibition spaces, which will allow the delivery of even more activities on-site and enable Coda to grow into a centre for creativity of all kinds.

Coda Music and Arts Trust’s Art Therapy services exist to offer creative therapeutic and recreational activities to support mental health, wellbeing and wider social issues in people of all ages and abilities.

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