Coda Spring Newsletter
Coda Spring Newsletter

Welcome to the Coda Spring Newsletter.

This term, we are asking for your help with celebrating our 25th Anniversary and for volunteers to assist us in the cafe and Beautiful Sounds sessions.

We hope that you can get involved.


As you may have already seen – this year, we celebrate 25 years of Coda Music Trust!

Our celebrations will explore Coda’s past, present and future and, throughout 2022, to celebrate Coda’s history, we would love to gather stories and images of your part in Coda’s story to date.

Do you have a story about Coda or picture from the past 25 years that you would like to share with us? Or perhaps you might like to send us a message letting us know how Coda has made a difference to you or your family? We would love to know how we have impacted your lives.

Please send all stories, images and messages to and we will find a way to share these with the Coda community.



Our brilliant volunteer, Lucy, has been managing the Coda café singlehandedly so far this year but would like to reduce her hours. We are looking for a volunteer to help us out in our Café on a Monday afternoon between 3pm and 6pm.

Full induction and Barista training will be provided and expenses (up to £10) covered.

This would be an ideal volunteer role for a young local person looking for some experience in a friendly café setting. Or for a retired volunteer, as it’s a welcoming and sociable environment.


Beautiful Sounds sessions are weekly music workshops for adults with learning difficulties led by music leader Stuart Jebbitt. Whether you have kindly volunteered for us previously or would like to volunteer with us for the first time, we are looking for people to help us at these sessions.

We are specifically looking for a volunteer to help us with our Beautiful Sounds sessions on a Monday between 10am and 12.30pm (the actual session runs from 10.30 – 12 but we would like help with setting up and clearing away).

They are lively, a lot of fun and really fulfilling for participants, carers and volunteers – you can get a flavour of Beautiful Sounds from this clip click here 

Jan, a regular volunteer for Beautiful Sounds, said this about her experience at these sessions: “For a few hours every week I enjoy the company of a group of wonderfully diverse individuals whose enthusiasm and joy is infectious. I am a volunteer and together we make music.”

Volunteers for both positions need to be dependable, as we do rely on your attendance once committed but, in return for volunteering, we offer full induction and training, the opportunity to meet lots of lovely people, make new friends and work in a unique, friendly environment.

If you would like to know more – or if you would be interested in helping us out and giving up a few hours each week to help us out, please get in touch.

Contact Coda on 01425 276 161 or email
or you can visit our website here to download a volunteer form, which you can complete and return to Coda.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Tuesdays 7.30 – 8.30pm & Wednesdays 2.30 – 3.30pm
In The Piano Room, Coda Music Centre
Cost £100 for 10 week course 

Our next courses will run in the Summer Term on a

Tuesday from 7.30 – 8.30pm (starting on Tuesday 26th April)

Wednesday from 2.30 – 3.30pm (starting on Wednesday 27th April)

If you would like to join one of these courses, please let us know and confirm which session would be your preferred option.

Places are very limited (we have only 3 spaces left per course), so please get in touch as soon as you can so that you don’t miss out!

Beginners Piano is a 10 week course after which you will be offered the option to progress to our Improvers course.

You can see full details of the course here:

Thursdays 6 – 7pm, starting 28th April
in The Acoustic Room, Coda Music Centre
Cost £100 for 10 week course
Starting Thursday 28thApril

We will be running an Adult Improvers Ukulele course next term. This course is aimed at those who have already attended one of our Beginners Ukulele courses or who have some prior experience and want to further develop ukulele skills and techniques.

The Improvers course will take place on a Thursday evening from 6 – 7pm and will be led by James Arthur.

It will be a natural progression from the Beginners course and will continue to develop the skills and techniques needed to play ukulele music.
The course will cover:

  • Learning moveable chords
  • How to pick longer melody lines, more styles, plus options to accompany with strumming instead
  • Playing multi part arrangements together (like a band/ukulele orchestra)
  • A stronger focus on learning to play in a group
  • How to play a variety of finger style studies using thumb and fingers
  • Expanding chord repertoire – moving away from just 1st position chords
  • Learning barre chords
  • More strumming patterns reinforced with rhythm studies
  • Learn new riffs for fun to help expand your creativity

The course will run for 10 weeks and costs £100.

If you are interested in any of our courses, please contact the Coda office.
To speak to reception, call 01425 276161 or email


Invoices for the Summer Term will be going out at the end of this month. If you do not intend to return for lessons in the Summer Term, please contact us as soon as you can to confirm you will not be returning. 

It is important that you let us know if you do not wish to return to avoid incurring notice period charges and so that we can offer spaces to students on our waiting lists.

Coda Spring Term ends on Saturday 9th April and Summer Term begins on Monday 25th April.
We hope you enjoy the rest of term in the run up to the Easter holidays.