CODA MUSIC CENTRE CLOSING Friday 20th March at 7pm 
CODA MUSIC CENTRE CLOSING Friday 20th March at 7pm 

To all Coda customers

Following guidance from the UK Government, and to protect all our users and staff,  Coda Music Centre will, sadly, close at 7pm on Friday 20th March. We will be suspending all our activities, both on site and off site, from this date until further notice.

From this date you will be credited for any pre-paid lessons and, currently, these credits will be applied to your Summer term invoice. If you have already notified us that you are not returning to Coda in the Summer term, we will refund the cost of these cancelled lessons to you. However, if at all possible, we would be grateful if, instead of claiming this refund, you considered this a donation to the charity to help us in our fight to survive this crisis.

Coda has been working with local people for over two decades and we hope to continue to do so. At this moment, like many others, we stand on the edge of a precipice and need your support more than ever if we are to provide music to our local community in the future.

Obviously, it seems likely that we will postpone the start of the Summer term and if you have received a Summer term invoice from us, we will write with an update to this as soon as possible. We hope we will be able to provide lessons again soon and will hold your time and place as per your Summer term invoice – but please forgive us for being unable to clarify further while the situation is so unclear.

In the meantime, we desperately want to provide resources, support and entertainment to you and will be developing regular podcasts, performances by staff and practice resources online to ensure music, and Coda, continue to be part of your lives.

Please look out for our messages and keep in touch with our social media platforms.

Over the coming weeks, we will also seek to develop an online lesson service through and will be in touch with details of this new service as soon as possible.

For now, we thank you for your support, send our best wishes to you, your family and friends and look forward to making music with you again in the future.