You may have noticed that over Half Term we have carried out further works on the driveway.

Over the past years, we have tried repeatedly to fill the potholes and improve the condition of the access.

However, despite generous contributions of materials from New Milton Sand and Ballast and several attempts with expensive road-rollers and contractors, it still falls very short of our expectations and is greatly impacting Coda users.

We do, absolutely, listen to all of your comments and appreciate how this affects all of the people who use our services, but – as a charity – we simply do not have sufficient funds to completely resurface the driveway and car park.

We will be applying to a local trust and foundation for a contribution towards these works, but we also need your help.

If you have any constructive ideas or suggestions about how best to tackle the works, then please either email Coda using the email address 
or fill in a feedback form and drop it into the suggestion box in our cafe, The Coda Social.

If you feel you can help in any small way – either by making a financial contribution – or with ideas, suggestions or useful contacts, then we would be very grateful.

We anticipate that we will need to raise £50,000 in order to carry out these works properly. We hope to be able to raise half of this amount through grants but we need to match this through donations.

It is highly unusual for Coda to fundraise for such a project. The money raised through our fundraising activities usually pays for Bursaries, Music Therapy or our work in the Community – and we hope by fundraising for the driveway that this does not adversely impact on the generosity of our supporters in funding our valuable therapy and community work.

We know that many of you have very strong views on the state of our access. If you are able to contribute towards making it better for all of us, then please donate. You will be helping to improve the facilities for all of Coda’s users.

You can donate here

Your continued support is, as always, greatly appreciated.