Coda Development Update
Coda Development Update

Thank you all for your patience while building work continues at Coda – here’s a quick update on progress with the development so far. 


Work on our car park is ongoing and we very much hope that it will be completed in the next week or two. Soon the one-way road will be surfaced and further block-paving completed. Once Hart Tarmac’s work is completed, we will begin to add some finishing touches and look to add some planting to make the site greener. We hope to be able to tell you about a brilliant new partnership on that front shortly, so look out for more news soon!

For a little longer, however, we still have limited parking space on site and there will be some continued inconvenience when visiting over the next couple of weeks. Please remain cautious, take care on-site and be vigilant of changing layouts, machinery and men at work.

For those of you that have kindly been parking in Avenue Road and walking on-site to ease pressure, do please be considerate of residents and please do not park over their driveways (even for a short time when dropping off or collecting) or in any way inconvenience residents with your parking. 


Some of our larger groups and ensembles will remain suspended until we can be confident that sufficient parking space will be available to accommodate them. As soon as these groups are able to start back, we will be in touch to confirm a return date. In the meantime, however, Jazz Ensemble and Blues Orchestra will return this week. 



Our contractor for the stable development project, SIGRA Projects, has been on-site all Summer and making good progress transforming the site for our future. You may have noticed some significant changes recently to the barn. Over the coming weeks, new walls will be built and the internal floor will be laid, before we move onto roof repairs! 

We are working towards a completion date of late Spring 2024 and we will keep you informed with regular updates. 

Thank you again for bearing with us whilst the development progresses and improvements are made.