Tim Sharp
Tim Sharp
Drums, Guitar

Tim is a drum and guitar teacher located in Bournemouth. Tim began playing later than some at the ripe old age of fifteen and it soon became his focus, drive and passion.

Despite having been mostly self taught over the years the next logical step after leaving school was to study music. Tim went to Bournemouth University and studied under Paul Carr (JTQ) and Dave Marchant (Courtney Pine & John Etheridge).

8 years of education culminated in an MA Post Production: Composing.

Studying by day and out playing by night with many different bands. During this period Tim’s main focus was the band Ten of Never – a period of exploration and evolution starting with what was described as “alternative progressive” and ending up with a world based “progressive folk” outfit.

Throughout this evolution Tim discovered what is now his first love….Jazz. This has taken a primary role and influence in his playing over the last 5 years. Whilst studying at university a friend lent Tim a Chick Corea album titled ‘Inside Out’ which featured Dave Weckl on drums. This album and particularly Dave’s drumming made Tim rethink his approach and opened up a whole new world of incredible drummers from the originators like ‘Papa’ Jo Jones and Lionel Hampton to the innovators like Elvin Jones and Roy Haynes to the elevators like Bill Stewart and Eric Harland.

Jazz continues to be the mainstay of Tim’s playing in both small ensembles such as his own group the ‘Tim Sharp Quintet’ and the ‘the Mckie Quintet’ and ‘Night Delight Band’ and large ensembles such as the Swing Unlimited All Stars Bigband and Swing Unlimited BigBand, In addition to many Jazz gigs, Tim is regularly out playing and depping in Musical Theatre, Functions and Duo/Trio gigs.

Having completed the first part of his degree at Bournemouth University he was asked to stay on in a teaching capacity. At this point he hadn’t really any teaching experience, just bags of enthusiasm.

Over the last 10 years his teaching experience has grown enormously from teaching people of all ages and from all walks of life including many children with special needs.

Those bags of enthusiasm are still just as full and this powers Tim’s teaching approach. His aim is to inspire students to want to learn. His teaching reached its peak in 2012 with 150 students per week across many institutions and including private tuition. He is still very active with teaching and has a 100% success rate with students who wish to take their graded exams.

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