Alexander Technique


Alexander Technique has long been taught in major music colleges, music centres, school music departments and music summer schools.

Musicians practice some of the most complex and specific repetitive actions on a daily basis and often put themselves under great pressure to achieve that ‘perfect’ performance. These factors place exceptional demands on mind and body, and Repetitive Strain Injury and Performance Anxiety can become major hazards for pupils, students and professionals.

MUSICIANS – Why learn the Alexander Technique? 

With the Alexander Technique you can learn how to build less inappropriate tension in both practise and performance. Undue tension that is created can be released effectively afterwards. Performances can become more confident, free, flowing and reliable, with a visible increase in stage presence and poise.

You can find out more about the benefits of Alexander Technique to musicians and a list of prominent musicians who have endorsed Alexander Technique over the years on the global resource for Alexander Technique website here

 What is the Alexander Technique? 

The Alexander Technique is a skill you can learn in order to prevent unnecessary tension in action, and to release it as it appears. You can discover a new lightness and ease in everyday movements and boost your performance in activities requiring a high skill levels e.g. music, drama, sport.

Using this technique you can learn to consciously release from unwanted movement habits, to be free to choose a more skilful and balanced approach to any situation.

What happens in an Alexander Technique lesson? 

The teacher uses gentle touch and verbal guidance to give you a new experience of simple everyday movements. You will learn to observe yourself in action and notice excess habitual tensions. After some initial lessons, musicians and singers may wish to bring their instrument to or sing in the lesson to see how they can apply the Technique in their high-skilled activity.

You will need to wear loose comfortable clothing, be suitably covered for lying down i.e. no short skirts. Please be prepared to remove your shoes and wear, or bring, socks.

How many lessons will I need? 

This varies according to individual need. As with any skill, you can take the Alexander Technique to whatever level you choose.

Generally a course of 20-30 lessons will give you a good base of understanding to be able to start applying the Alexander Technique for yourself in daily life. Already after 10 lessons you will be noticing the difference.

6 GREAT reasons for ANYONE to learn the Alexander Technique! 

* Develop greater self-awareness, a new level of personal choice, freedom and consciousness

* Discover a practical method to cope with the stresses and strains of modern living

* Improve your general health and well-being

* Help the recovery process after and operation, injury or illness

* Enhance the management of longer term illness and pain

* Enable greater realisation of your potential in any pursuit requiring a high level of co-ordination


Lessons are offered locally by Olivia Boot Simpson (MSTAT) who is a highly experienced Alexander Technique teacher.

For more information, pricing and to book, please contact Olivia Boot Simpson directly on 07753-502668 or via email on

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